I'm Scarlett Kibbey, founder of  The Special Needs Guidance Group, and this is my uncle Fred.  Thanks to my uncle I have been a part of the special needs community my entire life.  Uncle Fred is a success story in the sense that he works and leads a full life, but before he was on the Waiver there were some huge hurdles that our family faced.  

For most of his adult life my uncle was completely independent despite his diagnosis of Intellectual Disability, but several years ago he was diagnosed with leukemia and everything changed over night.  Suddenly my mom and aunt were faced with caring for him while he was unable to work and undergoing chemo therapy.  We had no planning in place for this and had to search for every resource available to keep uncle Freddy safe and healthy.  Thankfully he was able to receive Pennsylvania Medicaid Waiver services as well as Social Security and Medicaid.  Today Uncle Fred is in remission and because of the Waiver able to live on a farm, his dream,  with the care he needs.

Uncle Fred's story and the countless other stories I heard during my 12 years as a Florida Medicaid Waiver Support Coordinator inspired me to start this organization.  I realized that families need to plan for the future of their special needs child, but finding help is like searching for a needle in a hay stack.  With my experience in coordinating services with multiple government agencies, I am able to help families avoid the crisis my own family faced and provide a secure and successful future for their special needs child.